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Its true. Research has finally caught up with what therapists have known for decades. Little trauma can cause emotional dysregulation that gets stuck and that talking about it doesn't heal it. It's like there is an energy block that forbids the energetic match that is needed for healing. Often though, when we talk, we are open to new ideas and perspectives if it is with someone we trust. So "being" with someone and talking can be helpful, but what if it doesn't go away?

Anxiety is often a part of us from the past being triggered, and we don't realize it. We don't get a glimpse of the memory or memories that are being unconsciously linked but the experiences we've had can build up current emotions and body awareness that are dysregulating and confusing (but felt).

There is an electromagnetic field that needs to be addressed. This can happen with the touch or proximity with someone we love. But if we can't have access to this, tapping or touching your heart with crossed hands and breath can help. This is what we call self-regulation.

If you don't know what tapping is, I have two videos and a tapping sheet on my website. Also, there are dozens of videos out there. Tapping is done on real acupuncture points based on the meridians that are electromagnetic throughout our body. They are portals of taking in and releasing information and energy. We tap (or just touch) them and focus on whatever is distressing. When tapping, serotonin is secreted from the brain. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that is secreted when we fall asleep. As you focus on something distressing, and tap, the body becomes more regulated and can help your nervous jump from dorsal vagal (primitive) to ventral vagal (more relaxed and not under threat).

This helps us deal with the situation or memory and restore it in the brain differently. It can take a lot of tapping for trauma. And if there was chronic and or multiple traumas you may need someone to guide you through the process.

Touching your heart with one hand on top of the other and taking three deep breaths while saying the set up statement can help too. Then, switch which hand is on top of the other and take 3 more breaths. Switch again and take 3 more breaths for a total of 9 breaths. Deep breath also regulates the nervous system and we forget or dont want to when we are really stressed. Try it. It works.

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