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Individual Therapy

Whether you have been to many therapists, or this is your first time, I want to help. I'm trained in several techniques to help you know yourself better which leads to strength.


We all have an inner template we work from that may have helped us plenty in our lifetime but it might not be working at this point.

I am trained in many experiential techniques, as well as cognitive behavioral problem-solving. No one technique works for everyone, so I collaborate with you, at your own speed, to figure out what you resonate with. Techniques are just mechanisms to help you understand your inner self. I'm trained in EMDR, EFT and IFS. These are methods help to illuminate the roots of why you feel and think the way you do. If you have ever gardened before, you know that topping off a weed or plant you don't want, just makes it grow back stronger and quicker. Such as it is with habits, belief systems and our human reactivity. Reactivity is usually based on the feeling of being threatened. It's easy to feel threatened in relationships and in life.


Unfortunately, when we feel threatened it's easy to go to our "worst self." This usually doesn't make things any better. But it's hard to get a handle on deep feelings and just change because we decide to. Our reactions and behaviors are very patterned. I can help organize experiences in your past and your present, so you can make decisions, change behaviors, and feel okay about yourself. And, best of all, start getting the things you want in life.

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