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Parts talk:

When a part of us is taking over, with a mood, or a scenario that keeps running over and over in our head, it's time sit down and have a chat. Not literally, but if you slow down the chatter enough to really listen to it... you'll find that it, or parts (of you), have things to say. And, what most people do is exactly what what done to them growing up, ignore, shove them in the closet so to speak, or get completely taken over by them (which can create a really unpleasant mood or behavior).

What I find helpful, is to treat them as a child. You wouldn't just ignore your child, for several reasons, so why ignore parts of yourself that need to be heard? Often you will find that if you listen, and treat them with a little love and patience, they will quiet down, or comply with letting you run the show. This takes practice and I'll talk exactly about that in the next blog.

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