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Welcome. You must be here because something isn't quite right in your relationships, or you can't achieve something you've wanted for awhile, or you may suffer from depression, anxiety, trauma (or all) and haven't been able to heal. Whatever the reason, I can help.

My first priority is to create a safe place, to honor your journey and whatever place you might be in.


Sometimes life has a way of catching up to us or catching us by surprise, leaving us feeling off-track. I'd love to help you unravel it, with a nonjudgmental lens, and make new sense of it. That, is the portal to change.

 If you are wanting help, check out my site and see what I do. I have the ability to collaborate with you and your desire to get you to a better place.

Contact Me

Leslie Davis, MFT, relationship therapist

 8080 Madison Ave., Suite 200-D

Fair Oaks, CA 95628


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